Saturday, October 16, 2010

stuff i like/want

Yes please

I took this running on the Bob Jones trail. I miss running on the Bob Jones trail. Yes I've kept the weight off that I lost doing it, but if it wasn't for this trail in the final months of my SLO life, I would've gone crazy.

I miss going dancing. I miss fresh new mixes every day. I miss having DJ's in my life. SEND ME YOUR MIXES, I WILL PIMP YOUR STUFF HERE ON THE BLOG!

This is Hello Kitty wearing headphones. On an iPhone case. WHY ISN'T THIS IN MY LIFE?

Jeremy (my ex, not the one I work with) and I used to go to countless art galleries. I fell in love with Shag. It's kitchy but I don't give a... Anyway this has always been one of my favorites but honestly anything with his cats is. Shag makes cats look great.

This is a square plate. I would like a new dinner set of square plates. I used to love my dishes SO FREAKIN MUCH but it's odd when someone breaks/loses/molds up to the point of not being able to be washed, your precious plates, they loose their luster. I am due for a new pattern. I want them square because I'm a freak.

So much want... I want a new bed set for my new bed so bad that I can TASTE IT. It tastes like Egyptian Cotton.

MMM sushi. Been so long since I've been....
Not real sushi, this ish stores data.

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  1. That bedspread set is awesome! I'm also really digging the pic you snapped. Hope you get some of the things you want soon. :)