Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween from Hello Kitty

It's dumb but I freakin' love Slayer. Sue me. (And yes, I saw them live once with Static-X and Pantera.)

I also love cover songs. It was a big part of the Punk Ass Bitches Halloween Show.. Covers are like a band is wearing a costume, so let's play...

Unwritten Law - "Goodie Two Shoes" further evidence that my future ex husband Scott Russo wants me. Duh I love Adam Ant. And this cover is pretty fun. I love these boys though, so I might be biased. But whatever, this is Unwritten Law dressed up as Adam Ant.

If Rise Against can take Journey, I can too. By the way Journey isn't the go-to in Nor Cal. That might be a SLO thing.

Okay so those are two of my favorites...

So last night I went to see a Ramones cover band called Pinhead that my friend Dain is in. Dain was the first person I met outside of work when I moved to Chico. Dain is rad.

His cover band actually pulled this one out last night!


Goddamnit I know there are more. But Hello Kitty is tired.

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  1. After seeing your Facebook/Twitter posts about having the perfect costume, I started to wonder what it could be. It all makes sense now.

    And Slayer rules.