Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween

I love Halloween. No joke. I like black cats and most scary movies and fall weather and all that stuff. But what I love most is the music... ahhh yes, it's true, I was a goth kid at an embarrassingly late age. It served me well once a year for four years though, when I was the co-creator/co-host/music director for a specialty show. On Halloween weekend, I brought out the best of the "spooky" best and I am beyond proud to say it is a tradition that has been continued in my absence. My friend Tristan emailed me the playlist for this weekend's show this morning and I was so proud. If you're near a computer on Saturday night at 11, punch up and listen to the Punk Ass Bitches show. Definitely one of the best things I was ever a part of.

Anyway since this music is what I do best, let's explore some of the songs I used to throw on the Halloween edition of the show:

The Virgin Prunes- "Baby Turns Blue"

You might not know this, but this band is loosely connected to U2.

I owe my friend Johnny Davies full credit for introducing me to this great band. Their stuff was at one point very hard to find but I think it's back out in circulation...

Christian Death-"Romeo's Distress"

You have to understand Christian Death is kind of offensive. But I love this band. Don't care. One of the stranger things I think I've ever seen was the Rozz Williams exhibit at the Museum of Death. Seriously they had the door he hung himself from and his ashes there. The Museum of Death is creepy. Anyway I have Jeremy Cross, the renowned artist to thank for bringing this band into my life. The album "Only Theatre of Pain" is amazing.

Bauhaus- "In the Flat Field"
Doesn't seem like the obvious choice, I mean that's "Bela Lugosi's Dead," but I've danced to this gem a few times in the goth clubs of LA and I love it. It's just as creepy. Peter Murphy is one of my all time favorite artists and I've seen his solo show a handful of times. This song is begging to be featured in a scary movie.

45 Grave - "Riboflavin"

Sure it's silly. So is the "Monster Mash" but you like that too. 45 Grave is another one of those Death Punk bands that never got their due. Dinah Cancer once gave me a Halloween pumpkin full of skull and spider rings. She's so cool. Anyway they did have one minute of fame if you can call it that:

"Party was featured in "The Return of the Living Dead," which I need to get on DVD.

Misfits - "London Dungeon"

Yeah there are more obvious choices for the Misfits, but damn if this song isn't great too. I mean you're hard pressed to find a Misfits song that's not about skulls or dead shit or whatever, so forgive the fact I skipped "Skulls."

And now I'm just going to blow out a handful of songs from my favorite cover band of all time, The Electric Hellfire Club, who seems to cover all my favorite goth/industrial/darkwave bands... Yes I just said darkwave, eat it.

They do one of Type O Negative "Black No. 1" but I can't find it on the Youtubes.

While we're on creepy covers, how about this one from Coil? "Tainted Love." Man I like it better than the Marilyn Manson cover.

The Sisters of Mercy- "Marian"
This is just another of those "creepy" bands I really really like and love to drag out on a rainy night to listen to. It's definitely not out of place on a Halloween party soundtrack...

I could keep doing this all night. Maybe I'll throw some more at you before Halloween night...

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