Thursday, October 21, 2010


As you may know my Red Sox took their ball and went home awhile ago. My back up team over the years has evolved into being the San Francisco Giants, and tonight they could clinch and go to the World Series.

My ex is a HUGE Giants fan. He probably loves Giants baseball more than anything on the planet. As much as we're not talking right now and as much as I think we both hurt each other over the past year or so, I know he's had a really hard year in 2010. This would be a huge deal to him, and I'd like to see it happen for him.

And for the rest of the fans out there. It's pretty neat to go to a sports bar here and see so many Giants fans totally freaking out. I sort of picked up the team from watching countless games with my ex and last year I took him to AT&T park to see a game and man it's a bad ass ball park. I'd love to go back again in the future, especially when I have more time to hang around the city, etc.

View from our seats
I was so freakin' fat last year, why didn't anyone tell me? It was also incredibly humid that day.

Irish Heritage night!

Beer! I still have those cups.

The gates of the park.

Then of course there is the man, Brian Wilson, who's number I'm wearing today:

This is of course without the weird beard.
Serious face.

This is the sign of a good game.

I don't know why, but this guy cracks me up and I love watching his interviews. He never does anything he's supposed to and he throws a baseball like he's shooting a bullet out of a gun. Love him. Seriously. Hate away, I love this guy.

Anyway after work I'm debating going somewhere to watch the game, because if they win tonight, I don't want to be home alone celebrating with the cat. She wouldn't be into it, the cat is a Red Sox fan.

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