Monday, October 18, 2010

i'm a hypocrite

It's true. I just saw this website and instead of laughing at the funny stories of the one time this one dude got high, I just got kinda mad. Anyone who knows me probably know why. I don't know I just feel like a large portion of the last few years of my life were ruled by someone else's need to smoke pot and I just don't even want to be around it anymore. Like I don't even want to smell it, which is not easy in Chico, especially at harvest. This whole town smells like Cheech and Chong's house.

Looks I know the benefits of weed. I do. I've been subject to many "legalize it" speeches and whatever. I get it. Weed can do all these miraculous things. I just don't really have any need to be around it or people that smoke constantly again. I'm good, thanks. And I guess maybe this site bugs me because it's just encouraging all the dumb stuff that people do while high. I realize does that for drunks and maybe that makes me a hypocrite, because I like to drink and because I think that site is funny. Or maybe I just don't find pot head humor funny. I don't know. I just got irrationally angry after seeing That High. Ugh whatever!

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  1. uuum? we never talked about this, BUT! i feel EXACTLY the SAME WAY! and i feel like ppl never understand where i am coming from. so thank you for posting this!