Saturday, October 30, 2010

More spooky gems for you

Let's play Stephanie Listened to Goth Rock like a lame theatre part 2

Siouxsie and The Banshees - "Halloween"

My god I love Siouxsie. If I look as good as this woman when I'm her age... well jeeze.

This picture is from her last album 2 years ago.

Ministry - "Every Day is Halloween"

Ministry has a special place in my heart. The fact that Al Jorgenson HATES this album makes me giggle. It is pretty silly. But I do love it. And Ministry, man I wouldn't have my BFF Jen-Wa the Destroyer if it weren't for Ministry. Truly an important band in my life.

Here, have some "real" Ministry because I feel generous. This is beyond not safe for work. I think he says the "F" word about 70 times.

Moving on:

The Cramps are amazing. "Human Fly" is a great song. I was super sad when Lux Interior died a couple of years ago and I read all these comments in the gossip blogs from little 12 year olds going "OMG WHOZ?" Parents, educate your children.

I suppose I'd be a bad American if I didn't include Oingo Boingo among my Halloween favorites. But this is my favorite before "Dead Man's Party," sorry guys.

However this is cool:

I once spent a Halloween watching Johnny Vatos from Oingo Boingo play drums in a cafe. That was pretty rad.

Let's talk about Son of Sam. This is not AFI. They put out this great album called "Songs From Earth" and I haven't heard the follow up. Sorry, I'm a bad music fan.

I'll have more for you tomorrow I'm sure.

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