Hi. I'm Stephanie and you might have guessed this is my blog.

Oddly enough, that's my face right above this text. No I'm not always that serious. In fact I'm kind of a big dork who laughs a lot and more often than not is laughing at herself.

This is me and a giant drink. The picture was taken in Chico, California where I currently live and work. I moved here in June of 2010 after spending an amazing eight years in San Luis Obispo, California and before that I was born and raised in Bakersfield, California. Yes, the city Korn came from.

Oh hey Korn thanks for stopping by.

I'm a radio DJ. I have been all of my working life. Seriously, started this mother effer of a business back at sixteen years old. Been doing it every since, aside from a small hiatus back in 2008/2009. 

See this is me decked out to work back at the amazingly rad Wild 106.1 in San Luis Obispo, CA

I only mention what I do because it is part of my personality. Yes, I do work at a radio station here in Chico. But this blog isn't about that. At least all of the time. Sometimes it's about dumb pop songs I like. Sometimes it's about my cat. Sometimes it's about the people I meet and the stuff I do. Sometimes it's a bunch of pictures I took on my iPhone and sometimes it's just me swearing at sports. Because yeah I like sports. And music. And sushi. And animals. And above all I like radio. I like radio a lot.

Originally this blog was an extension of my personality page at The Beach and Wild 106.1 in San Luis Obispo. Since it's my name, I took it with me. While I don't use it in conjuncture with my show anymore, if you're a listener, welcome. If not, well welcome to an easy place to keep up on what I'm doing.

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