Tuesday, August 3, 2010

slo mo home sickness

You might have guessed by now things aren't going awful for S. Beezy in the big C. The Moon is populated with cool people who just want to take me tubing and show me something called the holes and want to watch movies, drink booze and eat raw fish. Rock the eff on, I'm okay with this. I've even gotten used to it being like consistently 90 degrees and the fact that I should probably carry cash and not rely on my debit card like I did back home. I've had a dinner party in my house, pool party in my pool and many adventures. Yay, Chico isn't awful.

What you may or may not have guessed is... I miss home. For a long long time I fought against San Luis Obispo becoming my home because I knew if I got attached I would stay too long, but SLO is a tricky bitch that way and slowly but surely became my home. My heart's home. Yes I left my heart in San Luis O-Cheezy Bitch.

Here's what I miss, in no particular order:

The Black Sheep and their fantastic food. Mac and Cheese or Chili, holy baaaajeezus. And of course the amazing "make me something red" game. Nicole, who became my friend over the last year, mommying me through many of my little nervous breakdowns, including this move. Daaaayammn girl, I miss you. I miss Teresa Leigh Lara and her amazing family... always being there when I missed my own and Teresa and I having the SIP AND BITCH sessh after work... I love this girl like a fat kid loves cake dude, alot and often and I miss her and wanted to surprise her this weekend but I couldn't. I miss SushiYa. Best goddamn sushi joint on the west coast, don't let anyone tell you differently. I miss the Lovely and Talented Darcy and our SIP AND BITCH sesshes on the promenade or her deck. I need to get home and hug that girl. Of course when talking about the ladies in my life I'd be remiss to leave out my BFF Kristin and all the times she has held me up when I was about to fall over, and all the times I stopped into her work to decompress and gossip. I miss you baby girl!

I miss Wild 106.1. No joke, this is hands down one of the best radio stations in the world and I am completely blown away that I ever worked there. The man behind this monster won't ever agree with me, because he's shy like that, but you could take Wild straight up and throw it down next to any huge CHR and it will hold it's own. I am proud of that beast as if it was my own and for a minute or so, I got to play on the team. But I honestly miss listening to it as much as working on it, although not as much as I miss the studio there because let's face it, you could put ten of my studios in it and still have room for a napping couch.

Speaking of Wild... I miss my boys back home. I miss the insanely inappropriate Danny P, who sucks at staying in touch via Facebook but pretty much rules at life and doesn't know it, but held my head on straight more times than not. I miss our mixers, DJ Slick-nicest mother grabbin' dude on the coast, DJ Sauve Javi- new dad and old friend of mine, DJ Sol- who won't tell you this, but he's radder than eff and crazy talented. Also I'd be remiss in forgetting that snotty brat morning guy Jojo Lopez, who without I would have probably spent my last months in SLO with my head in the oven. Watch out for that kid, he's a genius, maybe even an evil genius and one of the best people in the world. Hands. Effing. Down. Love that snot.

I miss Mr Ricks and having drinks with my boy Steven Murray after work. He's not there anymore but I love him like family just the same. I miss Jenn Wynn. I miss Justin V like eff. Steve and Beau and of course the formidable Levi Caron, who will one day book the largest bands in the world. That kid has an ear for music that will blow you away. I miss my Avila Beach Familia- Jay, Courtney, Lora, Trent, Monkey, all y'all because you've always had my back and gave me more than I ever could repay. I love you bitches and I'm homesick for you.

I miss my BFF Tristan Negranti, which shouldn't even be possible because we talk every day and he's still a raging bag of dicks, just like I like him. I miss the possibility of running into that Jon Hansen asshat, because I love him too and love arguing with him. Don't know if he knows this but I used to just save up crap to make him mad because Jon yelling... funniest thing ever. I miss my Scott Taylor. I miss Amy Jacobs. I miss Mardi Hall. I miss the lovely Micheala Tanner which I didn't bring up in my blurb about Wild since she doesn't work there anymore, she can be with the El Dorado peeps. No SERIOUSNESS Kella was so kind to bring me out of my shell at Mapelton and MAKE ME play with the others. I'm beyond glad she did.

What else do I miss... Man I miss walking down to the sand on a Sunday, popping my ear buds on and checking out for four hours. I miss dancing at the Grad (no really I do, the Grad here aint like back home.) I miss going wine tasting. I miss Mc Bar. I miss Sunday Funday.

Anyway... its all good. I'm finding my way here. I just want y'all back home to know you are insanely loved and not forgotten. I HOPE to be down before the book starts to visit for a night or two, so cross your fingers, I'll hollah at you.

Love you all!

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