Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 06 – Your day, in great detail

My day isn't over yet, but I have an idea what I'm going to do.

5:30am- Get up, shower, get dressed for work. Feed the cat.

6:30am- Leave for work. Go to Wendys and get a breakfast sandwhich. They are the only people open at this hour that have anything vegetarian.

7:00am- Clock in. Work.

10:00am- drink a cup of coffee. I don't normally do this but I almost fell asleep on my desk.

11:30am- Leave for lunch. Go to my apartment, eat pizza left over from last night. Go back to work.

12:15pm- send Meatwad out to do Busted on the Job

1:00pm- Do some work

1:30pm- Go to a meeting.

2:00pm- Unload a van full of Pepsi

3:30pm- Eat a fish taco. Marry another fish taco on V's show.

4:15pm- Leave to come home and get my bed delivered. Nearly kill self trying to move futon again.

5:10pm Bed is here and installed. I leave to get beer to reward whomever I con into dragging the futon carcass downstairs for me.

5:30pm make bed. straighten up house. Drink a cold beer and listen to music.

The rest of the night? Getting rid of one of the two futon mattresses I was sleeping on and then probably meeting my friend Sarah for a drink at the Maltese. I also imagine I'll shower at some point. And then delicious sleep in my new bed.

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