Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 12 – What's in your bag, in great detail

A picture first to get things started. In the background is the bag I am carrying today, which as you can see is a Hello Kitty bowling bag.


-Red Pleather wallet from Express in San Luis Obispo. Inside that, ID and credit card

-Chococat business card holder

-Matt Martino from Landshark Promotion's bussiness card

-1 Key ring with my jump drive and padlock keys on them. Key chain says I Live a Rockstar's Life in my mind.

-1 package of face blotter tissue from the Body Shop.

-1 stray mint from dinner at the Italian Cottage

-1 book of matches

-my eye shadow pallet is what that leopard print box is. Got that at Forever 21.

-1 tube of soft lips chapstick (vanilla mint)

-1 Liberty Cab business card

-my work lanyard/business card/ID

-1 box of Hint of Mints

-1 Hello Kitty pen

-1 orange mini sharpie

-1 stick of black eyeliner

-compact mirror/powder case

-1 bottle of Trader Joes asprin

-1.25 in change

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