Wednesday, August 4, 2010

im a sick bitch baby

So I seem to have some summer allergy attack and or a cold right now because my throat is all sore and swollen. Great.

This naturally led to me having one of those "Oh my god I'm 400 miles away from anyone who would bring me soup or notice if I croaked" moments last night and I slept like crap because of it. Awesome.

It's not that I really think I'm going to die of a sore throat or that I'm a needy girl by any means, but when I don't feel good, sometimes I'd like someone to take care of me. And in the moment I realized I had no one here I could ask for a hug or to buy me some soup or bring me some juice... I felt pretty lonely for the first time since getting here. Such is an occupational hazard of living on the moon.

I ended up talking to Teresa on the phone for awhile last night and Jennifer online and I felt a little bit better.

As evidenced by my post yesterday I'm a little homesick these days. It's not like when I moved from Bakersfield and I could just get up and go home any time I wanted. There's definitely some logicistal night mare ish to get home from here.

This month would've been my year anniversary at Mapleton. Weird.

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