Friday, September 24, 2010

goodbye ChocoGato Cat Dog

Close to ten years ago when Jeremy Cross and I were dating and he lived with his band, his awfully stupid, but very sweet cat Nico got pregnant with a litter of the best kitties ever. Among the best of the best were Cheddar Bob and Choco Cat. It's funny because I wanted both of them, even though I already had a cat but a... anyway someone we knew adopted them. But they ended back up with us a couple of years later and had been a part of the family ever since.

Choco Cat was a great cat. He was HUGE like a dog and only meowed like this "me-ow. Me. Ow." unless he was talking to Mama D and then he would say "Mom." You think I'm joking but it's true. He always would climb in my lap when I went home and sleep and drool and purr. Huge baby. Best cat ever.

Unfortunately cats can't talk. No matter how much we think they can, they can't tell us when they're ill and so Choco couldn't tell my dad and Mama D he had a brain tumor. And sadly this afternoon he had to be put to sleep.

I will miss you, you big silly cat. You were a great companion and the biggest sweetie that ever was. You family and your cat family (Cheddar, Azriel and Lily) will miss you tons.

I love you big black dog cat.

all the kitties

Dads cats love their presents from Jennifer

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  1. Choco Cat sounds pretty cool. It's always sad when pets die.