Saturday, July 31, 2010


Anyone who knows me knows that for the most part I'd rather stick a red hot poker in my eye than go to two places on the planet. 1- The grocery store and 2- Walmart.

I have my reasons. I don't like people wandering aimlessly. I don't like screaming kids. I don't like people at all much actually and the grocery store drives me insane with all the wandering, screaming, and paying for stuff that tends to go bad before I can use it all. Walmart is like that combined with the company's sucky political leanings and let's face it, the majority of Walmarts I've ever been in are filthy and chaotic and there is NEVER a good time to go to them.

When I moved here I was excited about there being a Target. I'm team Target all the way. Except our Target is well... kinda disappointing. It's a lot like the older Targets in Bakersfield or even the one in Santa Maria. Just kinda janky and not that clean and not the Target I dreamed of (Oh Rosedale Target, you ruined me for everyone)

It's pretty hot here in Chico and up until a couple of hours ago I only owned one pair of shorts. Lots of reasons, mostly I used to be as fat as a house before my tour of duty at Wild and it wasn't often hot enough to wear shorts where I lived before. Having already checked out Target, I took a deep breath and went to the Chico Walmart.

Holy crap. This is the nicest freakin' Walmart I've ever been in. Clean. Well organized. Hella stocked with loads of cute crap for my house and surprisingly free of creepy people or screaming babies. In other words, it was sort of like the Target I had imagined.

I ended up walking around for awhile checking some stuff out and buying some denim shorts from the Miley Cyrus juniors line.... No I'm not kidding

Yes I can fit into clothes from Miley Cyrus's junior line. Hi, what's up?

I did escape before purchasing a Justin Bieber CD. Damn you Bieber fever....


  1. Plus now we have the fun of knowing that the Target CEO donated to a political campaign of a guy who is blatantly anti-gay. GAH.

  2. Slack- Wow that is sooooo two faced since Target is usually gay friendly. ugh. I can't shop anywhere!