Wednesday, July 14, 2010

on the flip side

You really wouldn't think so, but In and Out Burger is a great place for vegetarians who may be on the road traveling or just miss grabbing a burger with friends. Just ask for a few items from the secret menu and you'll be all set.

Above: Veggie Burger, Dr Pepper. In and Out Burger Chico, CA (taken with the hipstamatic app on my iPhone)


  1. In addition to accommodating Vegetarians, In-N-Out is also a great place for those following a Paleo or Low-Carb Diet. Just ask for it "Animal Style; Protein Style"

  2. Dain- that's also great news for people with gluten allergies.

  3. Another plus of In-N-Out for Paleo/Gluten-Free/Celiac people: Unlike many restaurants that have wheat-based items that get fried in the deep fryers - In-N-Out only puts the taters in there - so no worries about getting an accidental wheat dose from cheese stick or onion ring batter.