Tuesday, July 13, 2010

in my head

Last year when I went to work at Wild and the Beach I told myself I was not going to get into that trap where I hated the music without giving it a chance. As a result I got into pop music and yay, sometimes this is just what you need. I mean I'm all for listening to Joy Division in a dark room and all that, but sometimes you're going to go out, you're going to party and you want to be in an up mood when you hit the town.

Anyway I'm late to the party on this one. I played this song on Wild and heard it every day for awhile but it wasn't until it came on the other day, I was driving down Cohassat with my windows down for the first time in awhile since moving here blaring a CD (I know right?) that I picked up at Target because it was pretty much all the music I was missing from the radio station back home. And it was sort of like hearing this song for the first time again, only I already knew all the words.

It reminds me of a really happy time, a special time in my career, which while at first I thought was doomed, ended up being just what I needed. And all the hours I put in for free and all the hustlin' and working free events or just going to clubs to show my boys there that I had their backs? Man so worth it.

So here you go... enjoy a little piece of the year of my life before I came to Chico. Those pink Long Islands (what are they, Long Beach Iced Teas?) watching the night blow up from up inside the booth and of course sometimes even dancing to songs like this...

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