Saturday, May 29, 2010

What the hell is a Snookie

Okay seriously, I'm seeing more and more girls trying to emulate this chick Snookie from that show I've never seen, Jersey Shore.

I'll be the first to call out a hater, so let me point out that I'm not hating on Snookie. Maybe she's the cute one or maybe it's in the attitude, I'll never know because I've never seen this show. But I can't get behind the look personally. I mean what is that on her head? Is that a hairdo or a storage spot for more self tanner and mascara? I'm just confused...

I guess what brought this on is that the Avila Beach Beer festival is going on now and I've seen a lot of girls that are rockin' this look walking through the town and hanging out at Mr Ricks. I mean go on girl, get yours if you want to be orange and have a hair mountain on your head, I'm not mad about it. Just confused.

Maybe I should get cable... In the mean time if you have this overwhelming urge to fist pump, might as well do it along with some friends of the radio family, Hardnox. Check it out:


  1. The cans on Snookie are pretty decent, but everything else is just a gigantic mess. Why the heck would anyone want to emulate her? It would be like wanting to emulate an Olson twin.

  2. Steve- No problem on my end with her cans either. I mean the girl is cute there's just waaaay too much going on with her look. I bet she's just as cute without all that crap on her face/head