Thursday, May 27, 2010

my newest musical find

It's no secret, I listen to A LOT of music. Since dropping in and joining the 95.3 The Beach / WiLD 1061 family I've had my ears exposed to tons of new stuff I probably wouldn't have listened to before.

My most recent find came through a friend posting a remix of La Roux "Bulletproof" by a group called Hyper Crush. So I started going through youtube and these guys are a lot of fun if you like dance music, which as it turns out my Top 40 roots never left me, and I do like dance music, a lot.

So enjoy these if you're in the mood to shake it a little....

La Roux "Bulletproof (Hyper Crush remix)"

Hyper Crush - "Sex and Drugs" (not safe for work, so you know, 18+ blah blah blah)

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