Tuesday, May 25, 2010

being thankful

I'm gonna get all emotional and real here, so try to follow me here... And forgive me for letting my "girlie" side show....

Less than a year ago I walked into a little building out by the airport in SLO for the first time to start a new job. I knew like two people there and it was truly "the first day of school" all over again. I was convinced everyone thought I was over/underdressed, asking stupid questions and laughing too loudly. It's okay to admit that by the way people, even as an adult, you will still feel like this, unless you have epic amounts of Prozac hidden somewhere. (See my jokes, they suck! Why do you people listen to my show?!)

But a load of time has passed and I woke up one day and realized that, whoa, I'm home. These people aren't just my friends, they're my family. I'm a very lucky girl, and I just wanted to put that down on virtual paper. Because the more you count your blessings, the happier and more rich you feel. Trust me.

I promise my next blog will be about going to bars, listening to music and sports. Or something.

Feb 2010 at the Grad with Hardnox. Super good times

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