Monday, December 21, 2009

Brittany Murphy

Yesterday I read the very sad news of Brittany Murphy's passing online before I headed out for the day. I have to say the news weighed on my mind pretty much all day even though I didn't know her at all. I was however a fan, and I wondered what happened that could have caused this.

Last night I came home and watched "Clueless" for the first time since high school graduation and was surprised I'd forgotten just how cute and funny she is in that movie. And then I realized how many movies that I own and love that she's in like "Sin City," and "Girl Interrupted," and just how sad the whole thing was.

This morning I was online trolling twitter and saw that Jojo had posted this video and I'd never seen it before and liked it so much that I figured I'd share it with you.

Why yes that is Brittany singing. I never knew that she did that. Plus how gorgeous is she in it? So freakin' sad.

I'm ready for 2009 to take a big hike already. This year is depressing.

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