Friday, December 18, 2009

blowing minds one at a time

A few years ago my friend Tristan came back from a trip to some country where he didn't have cell service and proceeded to tell me about a mythical song called "Atomic Food," which we promptly youtubed to find and play with until we were basically stupider than when we started.

Fast forward to the year 2009. I am working in a building with a pop/top 40 station in it and we play this Akon song called "Sexy Bitch," or "Sexy Chick," if you're doing the radio edit.

As it turns out... yes in fact that is the same David Guetta. My mind is blown up this morning. Long live the internet for giving me this information!


  1. Wow. "Atomic Food" is a jam. (No pun intended.)

  2. Shawn- Atomic Food basically owns at life!