Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i like food

So around what's normally quittin' time here at the radio station, a computer I need to do a really important job died. And I'm hungry. So here's pictures of food I've eaten before. Because I can't eat any now.

Both of these were from Sushi Ya in SLO.

This sushi was in Alaska. No joke.

This sushi was at Eagle Castle Winery in Paso during a bridal shower weekend.
SushiYa in SLO again. I love this place. I go there waaay too much.

Yeah, I'm still hungry. This isn't helping at all.

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  1. I've just gotten into sushi recently, and I like it, although it's hard for me to tell quality at all. I've been to two places in Boston, which were good, especially the Philly rolls I had. But of course, the place that's only 10 minutes away from me was kinda lame and more expensive, so I haven't gotten any more lately.