Friday, December 31, 2010

good bye 2010

You're gonna get two blogs from me today, but let's start with the easiest one, the rest of the music I loved in 2010...

Heard this the first morning I was in Chico as a resident. I was watching MTV every morning while I got ready for work and man, sucker punch.

One of the songs I heard ALOT of when I visited SLO back in September. Such a great trip and I got to see everyone I wanted to.

I loved playing this on Wild because hey, I knew some stuff about Travie McCoy, for once I wasn't a total moron!

This song was the soundtrack to moving. Seriously La Roux get straight up out of my head.

I don't get the video at all but Gaga, I love you. And this song.

OMG epic. Like painfully epic cool. "Once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger!"

Gaga you're a freakin' space alien but let's be BFF's, you like Betsey Johnson right?

The Texas Hippie Coalition feels like my personal rock radio discovery this year. I gotta give mad love to Matty Martino over at Landshark Promotions for always turning me on the good stuff. This band is channeling Pantera in a huge way. My listeners have been going NUTS for this one for a long time. And Big Rich gives great interviews. So epic.

Red Line Chemistry is another Matt Martino special, along with my friend Ken Pittman, both of them worked this record to me. As someone who grew up in the 90's my ears do perk up a little at anything that sounds sort of Seattle. RLC came by my station and did a little in studio with us and it was hella fun. Nice guys, I hope they make it!

This Janus song we were already playing when I got here but I'm not gonna lie, I liked it. I think it's mostly the song structure, since it reminds me of a lot of stuff I'd listen to on my own. I know next to nothing about this band but this was one of the songs that stuck out a little more in the waves of active rock I had thrown my way this year.

Yes I realize Shakira makes some of you want to put your fingers in your ears in search of your ear drums to puncture them, but if that's the case, mute it and just watch the video. :)

I tried really hard not to like this song. It goes against all of my beliefs (she says after posting a Ke$ha song like a week ago) but damn if it didn't get me...

Speaking of Ke$ha....

Jojo gave me a copy of the Ke$ha CD while I worked at Wild. Show prep and all that. On FIRST listen I said "Animal" is a single. The next one even. I wasn't wrong... This may not have been as big as "Your Love is My Drug" or "Tik Tok," (please skeezy, learn to spell you're so maddening!) but I think this is actually a better song. That's because I love me some bass. And I'm pretty sure I saw Ke$ha downtown last night in Chico. Who else would make out with four dudes in a row on the street and fall on her head on the concrete in front of Duffy's at 2am? Oh right, half of Chico State.

Pretty sure this one was unavoidable this year too. I go back and forth with Eminem and if I like him or not. I liked a few things off this latest record but I still kind of want to punch him in the face sometimes. I'm sure he's used to that tho, so Marshall let's call it a draw and move on.

But Riri, man I LOVE Rhianna. LOVE HER. Can't understand a word she says in interviews sometimes but who cares? She's freakin' amazing. LOVE HER.

I just put that one in there for my friend Nicole. We used to listen to this at the Black Sheep. Super good times.

I'm sure I forgot some, but whatever... What did you love in 2010?


  1. In the next installment of Songs Everyone's Heard but Me, I liked the Paramore and Bruno Mars tracks.

    Texas Hippie Coalition is great! I think the Red Line Chemistry track sounds cool but, I gotta wonder if Jerry Cantrell is in that band? I'm tempted to search around and find out.

    Thanks for sharing these songs!

  2. I love how you keep giving me new music to listen to. I have recently purchased Lady Gaga and Kesha....and both of those occurrences are YOUR fault. :)