Wednesday, November 3, 2010


There's something about Ben that turns me into a mush monster. Seriously. I am not a giggly crushy crush girl but I do in fact have a crush on my boyfriend. He came over last night and we had dinner and cocktails and I watched "The Walking Dead" while he graded papers.

Do you know how cute it is to watch your man grade papers? It's damn cute. I never thought I'd be a girl with a boyfriend who grades papers on her couch. He has a red pen and everything. What?

Or there are times when he is saying something incredibly odd and that I'm pretty sure most people would just go "What the eff?" and I just laugh. I like how quirky he is and I like that he's quick to laugh and always smiles for me. He never thinks anything I have to say is weird and once told me "Everything you do is so cool."

Trust me a girl likes hearing that.

This is a guy who brought me warm socks and pastries at my biggest event ever. He took care of me when I got home and was sore beyond all reason. He surprises me sometimes by taking out my trash or loading my dishwasher. I'll come dragging home from work after he's stayed here only to find a dishwasher full of clean glasses and spoons and my pots and pans soaking in the sink to make it easier on me to load them later. He plays with my cat (she still likes the fishing pole game) because "Mommy" is boring and usually just wants to pet her. He's a stuff fixer.

In short, we are very happy. He said to me once that I am his best friend and I think that's pretty rad.


  1. how cute are you??? all twitterpated and shit... i'm so happy for you.
    oh, and btw you ARE a giggly girl.