Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Michael Vick is still a dog murdering a-hole, I don't care how many yards he...

My friend Nina over at the Slack Daily wrote a very impassioned wonderful blog about why she is anti-Michael Vick. And I agree with her 100%.

Let me break it down for you. Michael Vick participated in illegal dog fighting. He also participated in the torture and murder of hundreds of innocent dogs. This makes me sick. I can not stand people who could hurt an animal or a child. They are helpless beings and they look to us to protect them, not to cause them harm and fear.

(And no, I'm not comparing your children to dogs, but basically they're both innocent and to a point helpless against attacks)

All day long people were talking about Michael Vick's great effin' Monday night game and talking about him like he was the second coming of whatever and all I could think was, yeah but those same arms that were throwing touchdowns last night helped murder animals for well... no good reason at all. Out of what? Ignorance? Boredom? A gambling problem? But it all seems forgotten to a lot of people because he's so "good" at his game. He's an okay guy now, right?

Just like I'll shake my head at all the new endorsement deals that will probably come out of this and all the new products I'm going to NOT be purchasing because the company who makes them thinks that this is an alright dude, this is someone they support, someone they want to make rich, to make a hero.

The real heroes in the Michael Vick story are the countless people and shelters that found homes for his abused dogs and gave them as much of a normal life as those dogs could have after living in the conditions they did. You want to read something that will break your heart and make you have hope? Read this article that Sports Illustrated did a couple of years ago about his dogs. I dare you not to be choked up after that.

I realize that there is a large segment of the population that thinks he paid his dues and should be able to do his thing now and we can all just forget about it. But I'm not one of them. The level of cruelty shown to these dogs can't be "reformed" out of you by sitting in prison for a couple of years. That's crap.

So I'm just gonna keep ignoring the Eagles like I do and hope they don't get into the Super Bowl because I don't want to avoid the big game all together because this bag of dicks is playing in it. But I would.

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