Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Out on the town

Last night was my friend Amber's last night here in Chico, so she took me out again and we went to a couple of the local "mall" eateries for drinks and appetizers and girly gossip, since no one knows when I'll be getting that in my life again, as I don't know ANYONE HERE! YAY!

We had a really great time and I'm really grateful to Amber for her help in my move and for keeping me company for a couple of days. Now comes the part I've been dreading, actually unpacking everything and getting on with that whole "life," thing. Should be a trip. But first a couple of pictures for all six of you reading this....
We were in fact, at Red Lobster.... trick. I love this sign though, because I'm wondering how this food was fresh from the sea. As I used to live next to a commercial fishing pier, I'm sort of a fresh fish snob. Sue me.

We did try a little of everything though

I've already had some of this beer at the Sierra Nevada Brewery where they make it. It's pretty good if you like wheat beers, which I do when I'm not drinking Newcastle or some other form of liquid bread. Unfortunately for you guys at home playing the "OMG I want everything Stephanie finds in Chico" home game, you can only get this beer with this label on it here in Chico. No worries, come visit me, I'll take you to the Brewery. It's one of four places that I actually can find without GPS.

(By the way the Brewery is near the Target and is HUGE, so it's kind of hard to miss, y'all.)


  1. I want to come visit!! Someday...when finances allow.... sigh.

  2. Ruth- Of course! I'd love to have you all up here! It'd be a blast!