Saturday, June 26, 2010

The last great San Luis Obispo mystery

When I was working in SLO at Mapleton part of my job was to cut up and load this talk show hosted by a guy named Karel for our AM station. Karel is an openly gay liberal talk show host and his show is GREAT. Seriously if you're still in SLO or a market that broadcasts him, listen dude, he's fantastic (he also pod casts!)

Anyway part of loading the shows was listening to his bumper music which for lack of a better word was always FABULOUS! My former boss and I would crack up at all the Timbaland and Justin Timberlake and Cher going out over the AM airwaves, but Karel had this one song that Jo would sing all the time and we never knew who did it. Why I never thought of looking it up via the lyrics while I was still in SLO, I'll never ever know. Probably because when we were joking and singing this song, I didn't think two weeks later I'd be 300+ miles away.

At any rate, yesterday some conversation I was having with someone brought this song back up in my mind and I was determined to figure out who the hell sang it and I finally did! Yay me!


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