Monday, January 11, 2010

advertising campaign failure, SLO style.

So the other day I was driving to the radio station and happened to be on Broad Street and drove by the Taco Bell there and saw a poster in the window for their new Drive Thru Diet line of burritos and tacos. Basically the concept being this is "healthier" fast food for you to eat, which I get, gotta compete with Subway and everyone else who is doing a "healthier," menu, etc.

Now being in radio, I subsist on cheap food and any time one of the people who have a value menu want to add healthier faire to it, I'm all about it, but the thing that's driving me insane about this ad campaign is WE DON'T HAVE DRIVE THRU'S IN SAN LUIS OBISPO. It's truly absurd seeing something advertising drive thru anything on the side of a building that doesn't have a drive thru.

I seethed about this inwardly for a few days and forgot about it. I mean really, who let's stuff like that bother them? It's Taco Bell's problem not mine. I was sure I would in fact be the only person that noticed or cared about this drive thru thing. Then I got on Twitter today and found that Jojo and Danny P had been talking about it too and I then felt less absurd for having thought about this situation for more than three seconds.

It is pretty strange to think about the things that bother a person in life. Some people can't handle bad typing or nails on a chalk board or whatever. Bad advertising bugs me. It's official, I'm a nerd.


  1. It would bug me, too. But, 'Walk up window diet' doesn't sound as good. ;)

  2. I noticed it too....and was angry....this fat girl doesn't want to get out and talk to people I would rather forget them from my rearview mirror. :)